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CCA Presents "Black Panther" in East New York, Brooklyn

Code & Content Academy (CCA) started a fundraiser to take students from the East New York Elementary School of Excellence to see "Black Panther" at their local theater, the Linden Boulevard Multiplex Cinemas in Brooklyn, New York this Saturday, February 17.

The school's principal Janet Huger had this to say about this initiative: It is exciting to know that a movie like "Black Panther" can serve as an inspiration and a symbol of hope for my children.  Children need to know that they matter and that someone out there actually cares about their future.  To know that Code & Content Academy is taking the time to show that they are cheerleaders for the ENYESE Team is a testament to dedication and true community spirit.  

Chuck Creekmur, Founder/CEO of who attended the Black Panther red carpet Hollywood premiere had this to say on why he supports CCA's initiative: This is a great, great movie that happens to have heroes and images that will inspire young people. It can serve as a seed that lets kids know that they have tremendous potential. Black Panther and the super sheroes that appear in the movie, show boys and girls that their potential is limitless. 

"We live in an era where mainstream media often depicts blacks in a disparaging light, however this film turns that notion right on its head; reinstating a sense of pride and dignity in being African and/or of African descent which compelled me to contribute to a cause that would expose more black youth to it. My personal mission is to uplift, empower, inspire and unite. #FancyfiedCertified." -Lisa Francoeur - Mesa, Entreprise Relationship Manager and Communication Chair, Black Inclusion Group, Linkedin/Founder,  on why she donated to this initiative.

If you would like to support, we ask supporters to purchase the ticket amount of their choice directly from the movie theater then forward the ticket purchase confirmation email to: Please select Saturday, February 17 2018 at 12:00 pm. Or you can donate via PayPal on this website. Deadline Tuesday February 13, 2018.